Time & Attendance

Equipment is manufactured by Ingersoll Rand, a company that will still be here tomorrow, as they have been in existence for 65 years. You will appreciate that doing business with such a large corporation makes us proud. The equipment is imported by Burk Uniclox, who is our direct supplier.

GLOBAL CLOCKING computes your time accounting, using intelligent data collection terminals and a User Friendly Windows-based menu driven software package. The system automatically records and calculates time and attendance data collected, consolidates reports and distributes labour-hour information.

This information can then be conveyed directly to your server or payroll service for the generation of pay cheques. However, GLOBAL CLOCKING does more for you than automate your payroll processing. The system can actually provide you with labour management information and a comprehensive labour-hours database that you can maneuver to maximum effect.

Automating Time & Attendance

With so many variables to consider when choosing a time and attendance solution how can you find the right product for your needs?

1. How many employees are in your organization?

Allow for expansion plans in the near term. However new terminals can always be added to the system.

2. Where are your data terminals located

The location must be convenient. Most terminals need an electrical outlet; others need to be connected to a PC or network. Uniclox Technologies offers a variety of options which will allow you to change your locations and extend your system easily if the need arises.

3. Will some terminals need to multi-task?

Do you also need some terminals to control access to sensitive or high-risk areas? Do you also want to collect shop floor data such as which employee is at which workstation, using what equipment? Multiple Terminals with different capabilities can be used on one system. Uniclox Software is easy to upgrade or add additional modules to expand functionality.

4. Based on location, security level & volume, what identification method is best

Do you need biometric identification or is RFID easier for you? Each recognition method has advantages and limitations see our section About Biometrics to learn more. You can choose different options in different areas and despite the benefits of recent advances in technology, a simple time-clock may still be appropriate in some areas.

5. What special features or functions do you require from your time and attendance system?

All professional-quality time and attendance systems can record employee punches and produce basic reports of time worked. But do you need additional functionality, such as complex shifts and overtime or segregation by department? Uniclox Software is easy to upgrade or add additional modules to expand functionality. See Software Solutions for a checklist of potential functions.

6. What applications require the time transaction data?

Will you need to import your current payroll into the system? will you want to export the time transactions to a n HR or Payroll application or ERP system? Do you want to link to a network, or is a simple USB stick more appropriate.